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Technology is the foundation of successful companies today. As technology penetrates every sector and every department within organizations, the demand for skilled Web and Mobile App Developers to help make it all work is rising enormously. MERN Stack is a popular JavaScript stack for smooth and ultra efficient development. React Native is the Popular framework maintained by Facebook that enables cross-platform native mobile apps using JavaScript without Java or Swift. Professionals with both the skills can launch the most in-demand career as Full Stack Developers (MERN) and React Native Developers.

Industry Collaboration

This programme is offered in collaboration with Silicon Valley - California based DoWhistle team which develops variety of web and mobile applications in real time for different businesses. This team of industry practitioners from DoWhistle directly interact with the faculty and the students of this programme on a regular basis. It enables the students to sharpen their skills, get updated with the happening of the industry and learn the best practices of the industry development.

Earn while You Learn

Students get opportunities to work in live projects by developing real time applications during their study period through industry internships.

₹ 11,00,000

National Average Salary for Full Stack Developers (MERN) with React Native Skills in India

(Source: Payscale)


React Native Developer Jobs on Linkedln.com

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Ranked in the Emerging Jobs List (JavaScript Developer – MERN) in India by Linkedln.com

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Who can join this programme?

  • Career Beginners: Recent graduates/ interns/beginners who wish to begin their career in Web and Mobile Application Development with excellent job opportunities.
  • Career Builders: Project Leads, Managers in IT/Tech Companies, Software Testers, IT Support Staff, C, C++, or other coding professionals, looking to upskill in the area of web & mobile development and Acquire a Post Graduate Degree.
  • Career Switchers: Those who like to shift their career to Software Development.
  • Freelancers / Entrepreneurs: Those who want to build impressive websites and mobile apps using MERN and React Native.
Note: As the foundation courses are covered, you need no other requirements.

Key Takeaways

In Full Stack Development - MERN Specialization:
  • Learn to build, test, and deploy a web application using MERN Stack
  • Learn to Build, test, and deploy APIs
  • Learn to Build, test, and deploy a front-end web applications using React
  • Learn to Setup Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines to deploy a React application
  • Learn to Present a GitHub portfolio of your work to potential employers

In Full Stack Development - React Native Specialization:
  • Learn to Use React Native to develop hybrid applications
  • Learn to Get User input, debugging and Navigation
  • Learn to Use Maps and Locations in app development
  • Learn to Employ Redux in app development
  • Learn to Check Performance, deploy and testing

Our Programme Highlights

World Class Curriculum

Project based Pedagogy

Hackathon Assessment Method

Internship Opportunities in Live Projects with Stipend

Industry based Open Source Tools

Collaboration Platforms – GitHub Education, StackOverflow for Teams, Slack

IT Company-like Classroom Infrastructure (Academic Garage)

MCA Curriculum (Dual Specialization)

There are four semesters.

Full Stack Development – MERN:

You will learn Web Development, Front-End Development using React, and Back-End Development. These modules will help you enter job market as a Full Stack Developer. You may also specialize in any one of the above mentioned areas for further skills development.

Semester I:

Web Development

You will learn the basic Web Development Skills in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. You will also be able to build your own portfolio on GitHub platform.

Semester III:

Back-end Development

You will practice MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS tools to become confident in MERN stack. You will learn the essentials of Cloud concepts, Automated Testing, and Deployment of a solid foundation in DevOps.

Semester II:

Front-end Development and React

Learn more about front-end development using the popular framework, React. Learn to concise code with Javascript ES6. You will also work with web components in React. In addition, you will learn to build React applications and how to test and deploy them.

Full Stack Development – React Native:

Semester IV:

Mobile App Development

You will work with React Native, MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS to become confident in hybrid mobile development stack. You will learn the essentials of mobile platform concepts to work in live projects.

A Guide for Placement Preparation

Web and Mobile App Development professionals need to possess hard and soft skills. Our placement training programme will help you to display your technical skills effectively and develop your communication skills to secure a job.

Highlights of Placement Preparation Process:

  • Helps you to enhance your skills to improve your employment chances
  • Assists you to build a LinkedIn profile
  • Makes you build your resume
  • Lends a helping hand in job search
  • Prepares you for interviews
  • Helps you to improve your Web and Mobile Development skills
  • Helps you to become a better communicator
  • Strengthens your Agile Development skills
  • Teaches you troubleshooting

Learn from Experts

Our Faculty members are trained from Top Universities - MIT, Emerius, Bits pilani, etc.

Milestones Achived by the DoWhistle Industry team

Alumni Success

Alumni working in MNCs across the globe

Earn while You Learn

Some of those who got internships

Learn & Develop Mobile/Web App in real-time environment

Students of RVSCAS pursuing MCA have developed a Twitter like platform and mobile Apps for “USA based Client - Do Whistle”

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