RVSCAS MCA FULL STACK & BIG DATA Programme is a 2 year Full-Time (Lateral Entry) study that offers specializations to become Full-Stack App Developer or Big Data Analyst. Our Curriculum is aligned with World's top level Technologies and students will be engaging in live projects & internships

The programme is partnered with “OneWhistle Inc”, a USA based company from Silicon Valley, California. This company provides an opportunity for students to work in thier real-time product development


Full Stack Development - MERN

Students will learn how to develop end to end web & mobile applications which includes front-end-development,
server side Technologies, database, hybrid & native mobile app. development and more.

Big Data Engineering

Students will have hands-on experience to analyse huge data and predict future of the businesses by using
Stream Processing & Real time Processing , Batch Processing, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, Storm, Flume & Hbase

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Job Opportunities

Graduates will be employed as a Front-End Developer, Full Stack Developer, Hybrid Mobile App.
Developer Native Mobile App. Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Java Developer,
ETL Developer / Big Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Developer.

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Placement Highlights

Graduates of MCA FULL STACK & BIG DATA are Crowned with Full-Time Employement.

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"Big dreams seldom come true; perhaps, this is fairytale and it is going to be a reality in my life. Yes, I am a well-trained Full Stack Developer now, as RVS College of Arts and Science, in association with a 5 million dollar company Onewhistle Inc., has made it possible. I am writing this as an industry-ready aspirant with sturdy Full Stack skills, identified self-learning ability, and enhanced team working knack. Thanks a ton, RVS!"


I am euphoric to have completed Masters in Computer Application from RVS College of Arts and Science. The two year journey was strenuous but lovely learning computers. To be specific, the hands on experience I gained on the Full Stack technology is a great confidence-builder towards my IT career. But that’s not all. The invigorating experience of working in a live project of Onewhistle Inc. like an employee will obviously induce my nostalgia frequently. I am grateful to RVS, Onewhistle Inc. and all RVSites who genuinely helped me build a better version of me.


It had been really difficult to crack technical interviews before RVS bestowed on me this opportunity to work with Onewhistle Inc. on a real project. But today, I am a step ahead of my competitors and more confident because I learnt Full Stack technology via this exciting opportunity. It was also quite fascinating to know about, in advance, the life of a professional. I am really indebted to RVS for its efforts in offering exciting opportunities to learners for their own betterment. Thanks a million, RVS!


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